We make it our priority to ensure our customers don’t fall victim to fraud, so we might need a few extra details before we can validate your purchase and get it on its way to you.

Unfortunately, sometimes we are unable to verify your name and address with your bank, therefore, we sometimes need you to ask your bank for the 6-digit Authorisation Number Code/trace code they gave us when you placed the order. This Authorisation Number Code/trace code is to let us know they have put a temporary hold on your funds – we do not receive any monies until the order is confirmed by you. You’ll need to let them know the date you placed the order, and how much it was for in order to find your transaction.

Once you’ve got this number, please respond to our email or give us a call. We are available 24/7 for your service. 

In a similar case, your order will be placed on hold until we hear back from you. if we did not hear back from you within three (3) days, then your transaction will automatically be canceled by your bank.