Here we present to you the top ten tips and tricks that would help increase your sales and reach more customers.

1- Study the market and analyse your competitors strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure to be on top of all the market changes and trends, understanding those will help you make better judgements and seize opportunities before others. Have a look at other competitors who sell your same products categories, and make sure that you capture their strengths so you can follow, and weaknesses as well so you can avoid.

2- Use fair and competitive prices

Ultimately you want to get more revenue, and while increasing your prices and profit margins might get that, you will not be the first choice for customers. On the other hand, less profit would encourage more customers to buy and eventually you will get the same result.

3- Satisfy your customers

Extremely important point, satisfying your customers will build your reputation and will increase your popularity. Make sure you accept all orders and that they get delivered on time. Negative feedback will haunt you no matter how small they are.

4- Sell what customers need

Imagine selling a Nokia 3310 and an iPhone 12, which one will get more sales? Always make sure to follow what customers are looking for and try to provide it in a unique way.

5- Consider adding discounts

Everybody love discounts, they even encourage customers to buy stuff they don’t really want just because it’s on sale. Your name will be noticed and spread quickly, and customers will always keep checking and waiting for your upcoming discount. It’s a great investment.

6- Offer free shipping

It’s similar to the previous point, free shipping is tempting for your customers, the value you get is really worth it.

7- Listen and respond to complaints.

It’s not just a disappointed customer, words spread quickly and more people will think twice before buying from an untrusted seller. Make sure to listen to what your customers say and help them overcome these problems.

8- Get positive feedback

This is your best way to become more trustworthy and popular, customers always choose high rated sellers, so keep monitoring your performance.

9- Use sponsored products feature provide you with the sponsored products which will help you show selected products to more customers. We totally recommend using this feature as it increases your presence and reach.

10- Go social

Nowadays social media is the trend, make sure to spread your reach and attract new customers to come and buy your products. You might also consider social media marketing campaigns that will spread the word on a wider range.